December Fun


Sweet sisters…                                                                   Hannah’s Class Christmas Party

Faith’s Christmas Party and Production.  The little angels next to her are her friends in her class.  They are in Ballet after preschool and performed beautifully

Hannah loves holding her baby sister                                                                                                Faith’s class

Hannah got another 100 on her reading test at school.  Notice the lack of teeth.  She lost 7 teeth all in 1 month’s time.  She has 4 growing back in now.

Building a gingerbread choo choo train with Nanna

Decorating Christmas cookies with Papa and Mimi

Papa taught Faith how to hold her tongue just right.          Hannah was very creative with her gingerbread men.  It turns out she is a bit of a perfectionist like her mommy : )

Sweet sisters reading their Tag books                                Singing Christmas carols with the cousins (a new tradition that we love)

Lilian wasn’t such a fan of Christmas caroling, since she doesn’t like having to get in and out of her car seat.  Plus, she missed her nap.  Lilian with her sweet Gran.

Wow, I’m behind.  I’ll get back to Christmas soon, but let me give you an update first.

Let’s see…We are home enjoying a sunny, clear street snow day after a whole snow week last week.  Last week was nice, because poor Hannah had the flu all week, and it gave her time to recover without a week worth of absences.  This week Faith has been sick.  Poor thing.  I’m ready for everyone to be healthy again.  We are going a little stir crazy.  It looks like Lilian has a pretty strong immune system, because she hasn’t caught any of the bugs that go around this house yet.  Praise God! 

Hannah learned how to ride her bike without training wheels a couple weeks ago.  Papa convinced her to give it a try.  He held her up while she pedaled.  Then he let go, and she just kept going.  10 minutes later, she was even starting on her own.  Such a big girl.  She just need the confidence that she could do it.  Before that, I couldn’t convince her to even try.  That’s what grandparents are for.  They hang the moon.

Lilian is very mobile now.  She wants to crawl, but hasn’t quite figured out how, so she uses her arms to drag herself across the floor.  It’s so funny!  She can get to what she wants fast.  So, now we are teaching Hannah and Faith (mostly Faith) to keep their toys and stuff with little pieces off the floor.  THey are doing pretty good about it.  I need a reminder too, and Lilian makes sure to remind me by sticking my book or pen in her mouth.

Last week, since we were stuck at home, we decided to call up USAA to find out more info about mortgages.  10 minutes later, we were pre-approved for a house and were set up with a realtor.  So, now the search begins.  We are interested in a few Mesquite neighborhoods with good schools, and we are also looking into Forney.  We will see what God has for us.  We are not in a huge hurry.  If we find the perfect place, we will move forward, but we don’t want to settle for something.  We also found out that the 1st time home buyers tax credit was extended for military who were stationed over seas when we were.  The catch is, we would have to have a contract by April 30 and close by June 30.  So, that would be nice, but, again, it’s not worth it to rush into a house or neighborhood we don’t love.  We actually have a couple neighborhoods we would LOVE to live in, but there are not very many houses for sale there.  Good sign, I guess, if everyone wants to stay in those neighborhoods.  God is in control.  We are leaving it in His hands.

I’ll work on pictures now and post them soon.  Stay warm~


A wonderful Christmas Eve to remember

We had such a wonderful Christmas, celebrating Jesus with family. 

Christmas Eve, I woke up to my beautiful Christmas present from Alex hanging on our dining room wall.  The picture in the frame was hand stitched by my great great grandfather.  This was hanging on my great grandmother (Grandmama’s) wall as long as I can remember.  After she passed away, it was given to me.  I was in a frame that was broken, and had no glass on it, so it was pretty dirty and dingy from cigarette smoke and dust and just wear and tear.  Alex looked into having it cleaned for me, but no one could guarantee it would not be ruined, since it is so old and fragile.  So, Alex bought a beautiful frame for it and came up with this all on his own.  I LOVE it!!!  This is probably my favorite gift ever : )  Hubby of the year!!!

We went to Papa and Mimi’s house after lunch, where we watched a Christmas cartoon and the girls did some crafts and played with Charlie (the pooch).  Then, after nap time, we enjoyed a beautiful worship service at out church, where Hannah had her very first communion since she accepted Jesus as her Savior this summer.  What a blessing that was, and what better time than Jesus’ Birthday.

Then, we had a delicious Fajita dinner, prepared by Mimi. 


After that, as tradition, we opened one gift each, which was our Christmas Eve Jammies.  While we were getting comfy in our jammies, it started to snow! 




After playing in the snow for awhile, we took some PJ pictures.


Then we cuddled together as we read some Christmas stories.  My favorites are “God gave us Christmas” and “Room for a Little One”. 

Then, off to bed for the little ones.  It was surprisingly easy!  They were exhausted and crashed pretty quickly.  The adults, on the other hand, stayed up to watch a movie, and then listed for Santa.  Guess who came around midnight!

Mimi quietly woke up the girls to peek on Santa.  They were fast asleep, so it took some shaking to wake Hannah up, and Faith was confused and out, so I had to carry her.  When they realized what was going on, their eyes got huge as they peeked on Santa putting presents under the tree and eating his milk and cookies.  They were so excited!!!  They remembered to stay quiet though, so Santa wouldn’t hear them. 

Look what Santa left

This was a Christmas Eve to remember.

Today was a fun day.  Alex took the day off and we picked Hannah up from school early for Faith’s preschool Christmas Party and program.  It is so sweet seeing her with her friends at school.  They are all so tiny and cute.  Faith did a great job singing with all of the kids from her school.  It took a couple songs to warm up, but by the third song, she had it down.  Then, we went to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop.  There was no line, and the girls had fun telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  Lilian was interested in him, and didn’t even cry.  We got a cute picture.  I’ll post pictures and Christmas Program videos soon.

Tomorrow is Hannah’s class Christmas Party, which I get to help out with.  Then, early release and Christmas break.  How fun.  We are all so excited for Christmas.  Especially, because it is Lilian’s first : )

We are spending lots of time with family over Christmas break, and a few days at home just relaxing and, hopefully, reorganizing our office.  Fun Fun Fun!!!  We have a mini family vacation planned tot he Gaylord hotel for a night to enjoy all of their fun Christmas stuff.

Have a very merry Christmas.  Remember to take time during all of the busyness of the holidays to focus on why we are celebrating – Happy Birthday Jesus!


The other day, Hannah read “Faith” on Faith’s school folder.  She got this puzzled look on her face and said, “Wait a minute…why does Faif’s folder say ‘Faith’?  Her name is Faif!”  It was so cute.  She just always pronounced it Faif, and we never corrected her.  Now that she can read, we should probably start correcting : )

My little hockey player

Hannah’s 4th tooth came out yesterday, when she hit it on a soft pillow/couch.  It didn’t hurt, because it was hanging there to begin with.  Now, she is missing 3 bottom teeth and one top.  The tooth fairy is going broke on this little girl.  She looks like a little hockey player when she smiles. 


Faith and Max cuddling together at Gran’s house yesterday

Toothless Hannah

Hannah has discovered a quick way to earn money.  She came home from school with a 3rd bottom tooth missing (I didn’t even know it was ready to come out).  She has 1 more on top that is just about ready.  No steak or apples for her for a while.  This year, her song will be “All I want for Christmas is my 4 front teeth”.


Sweet sisters.  Lilian is so strong.  Look at those push-ups : )

Hannah lost her 2nd bottom tooth this morning.  No more apples for her : )


Beautiful little girl (I love her bow – I’ve never actually put a bow in our girls hair until they needed to keep bangs out of their eyes.  It looks so cute)

Hannah brought home her first grade – 100% on a reading assessment.  I’m so proud of her.  She is doing so well in school.

Lilian’s update:

Lilian is such a sweetheart.  We are so blessed to have her as part of our family.  She loves to smile, especially at her big sisters, and to make sweet little sounds.  She rolls over and scoots around.  She sticks her tongue out at us sometimes.  She is great at making eye contact and finding us when she hears us.  She has discovered her feet and loves to grab at them or just watch them move around.  She hates being on her back, so she spends a lot of tummy time.  She has been sleeping through the night most nights, or will just wake up 1 time to nurse and go right back to sleep.  She had her 2 month check up, and she now weighs 12 lb., 14 oz and is 24 3/4 inches long.  She is as healthy as could be.



I’m just juggling everyone else’s schedules, and trying to get into the routine.  I am so blessed to be able to stay home with our girls.  Alex and I are helping out with the 4th and 5th graders at church and are helping at AWANAs.  We are really enjoying the kiddos, and the opportunity to serve God in this way.  I am also doing a ladies bible study through DTS.  I would love to get started on a hobby or 2, something for me and not just for the kids or Alex.  I want to catch up a bit on scrapbooking, and maybe a little knitting.  First, though, I have to get the office area organized a bit so I have a place to do it.  Any volunteers to help organize?  : )  Just kidding.  I really just need to get in there and do it, but I keep procrastinating.  I am also going to host a coupon class sometime soon.  A girlfriend of mine has it down and is able to have a spending budget of $100 every month for her family of 3.  That includes groceries, toiletries, clothes, shoes, gifts, etc.  And, she doesn’t go without.  She teaches classes, and I would love to learn a bit from her.  If anyone is interested, I will let you know when we get it scheduled.


Now, for pictures from the last month:


Hannah lost her first tooth last night, and had an exciting visit from the tooth fairy

Lilian’s first Halloween


Happy Halloween! ~Love, Tinker Bell, Tigger, Queen Hannah, and Staff Sergeant Ivy


Look at that laugh : )

Papa took us to Magic Time Machine for dinner.  It was so much fun.  Hannah got to meet a lot of famous characters, and Papa learned how to eat left handed while holding a sweet, cuddly, sleeping baby : )

Faith’s new funny “What?” face. 

Lillian started out in the middle of that blanket in front of the otoman, and ended up here, after squirming around.  I have a feeling she is going to be crawling even faster than her sisters (who started at 4 and 5 months).  The 2nd picture is Faith’s preschool class during their costume parade on Pumpkin Day at school.

Hannah has become quite the little artist.  We decided to decorate pumpkins with markers and pipe cleaners, instead of making the mess of actually cleaning it out and carving (which the  girls tend to loose interest in really fast).  It was fun.

Lilian is now sucking her thumb.  Hey…I’ll pay for braces later if it means she can comfort herself and sleep through the night now.  I bet that’s why Faith didn’t sleep well for so long.  She’s the only of our girls who did not suck on anything.


We took part in a Fun Run, benefiting Mesquite ISD.  We all walked the 1 mile, along with Nanna.  Then, Alex ran the 5K, and came in 1st in his age group.  Unfortunately, his chip didn’t register, but that’s ok.  It was fun.  After, there were fun bounce houses for the kiddos.  The girls loved the slide one.  Once Faith figured out how to climb up, she loved it, and we couldn’t keep her off.

I think I would take up running if I had cheerleaders and mascots cheering me on every time.

Faith has a new big girl car seat.  She wouldn’t stay seated in it with the seatbelt properly on, and she still whined and cried about the seatbelt being too tight, so she is back in her regular car seat for a while longer.

Hannah is reading so well.  I love this picture of her reading to Faith : )  Sweet sisters

This is Alex’s desk at work.  His first personal workspace.  That’s right…he has never had a place to call his own at work.  He is enjoying it : )

Sweet Lilian faces

Lilian is still figuring out what to do with her other fingers while she sucks.

Sweet Faith, loves her baby sister


Hannah, on crazy hair night at AWANAs  Cute pose : )

Faith fixed her own hair in this picture.  Pretty good job : )